This site is maintained by Aaron Bloomfield, and is kept in the uva-cs/ugrads.cs github repository. Feel free to send him any updates or suggested changes for this site.

Faculty can request to be allowed to directly edit the contents of the git repo. They can edit either via git or by editing online directly via github.com. Students can suggest changes by submitting a pull request or by emailing the contact above.

The actual HTML pages are built using Pelican version 3.7.1, and the source is in Markdown. However, one does not need to have Pelican installed to edit the site, as the http://ugrads.cs.virginia.edu site is automatically rebuilt every time content in the git repo is changed on github.com.

Should you want to build the pages on your local machine, look at the Pelican quickstart guide. The quick overview is that you run sudo pip install pelican markdown to install it, pelican content -t theme/uvaeng/ to generate the HTML files, and python -m pelican.server from the output/ directory to be able to view it locally (browse to http://localhost:8000).

The design of this website was taken from the new (as of August 2017) UVa Engineering website, and the look and feel is intentionally meant to be the same. All extra .css and .js files (including trackers) were removed.