This page contains the links that are relevant for undergraduate majors in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Spring 2019 specific links

General links

Academic links

  • CS Undergraduate handbook (PDF); this is hosted in a github repo (chapter 6 has information about the Masters program)
  • CS Advising dashboard is a overview of the topics and questions that often come up during student advising
  • CS departmental academic pages, which gives an overview of the majors and minor within the department
  • Lou's List for Computer Science which lists the courses offered for each semester
  • Generic CS department class registration policy which is the policy used when allowing students to enroll in courses
  • Placement exams and AP/IB credit: a quick overview is section of the CS Undergraduate handbook (section 7.3.3); also see the pages specific to CS 1110 placement exams and CS 2110 placement exams (PDF); note that placement exams allow one to skip a pre-req; they never give course credit
  • The undergraduate record for the BS CS, BA CS, and the BS CpE
  • BA CS integration electives: there are two separate lists: the one on the departmental website, and the one in section 3.3.3 of the CS Undergraduate handbook. The BA CS committee is working on synchronizing those two lists, but that will likely not happen until the fall of 2018. Until then, students may take any course on either of those two lists, and it will count as an integration elective.
    • Can a course not on the list count? Other students have made such petitions, so it's possible a course you're interested in has been successfully petitioned (or unsuccessfully petitioned) by another student.
      The list at this link courses for which students' petitions have been approved, and a also courses for which we've said "no”.
    • If you want one of these to count for you, you must complete the form at this link.
    • Use this same form if you want to petition for a course that’s not on any list. See the form for information about what might count and what justification you must provide.
  • Transfer credits for CS classes taken elsewhere: see here for a search form for the College, and here for a PDF from the Engineering school. Students still need to complete a form before they take the course (see Jesse Rogers or Joe Rehder in the Engineering undergraduate office)
  • Information about doing a 5-Year Masters
  • Information about CPT, Curricular Practical Training

School and University links

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